2023 – 38th Convention

Description:  Convention Shaker Chair and Ruthie Denney Convention Chair, sprung into action to have this beautiful set made. The set depicts an old barn with a road separating two different…

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2022 – 37th Convention

Shaker Power 2022 Convention Set by Gary Seymour

Description: Superhero and superheroine busts salt and pepper shakers condiment set flying through base and mustard pot cloud with lightening bolt mustard lid Shaker Manufacturer: Designed by Gary Seymour from the United…

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2021 – 36th Convention

2021 Convention Set

Description: The set depicts the famous Reunion Tower building from the Dallas city skyline, the famous large ferris wheel from the state fair, along with Big Tex who greets attendees…

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2019 – 34th Convention

Description: Joe Gaydos and Debbie Simmons met several times and after much discussion came up with the idea of “Salty Defeats Peppy”.  The political, one-piece shaker is based on the…

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2018 – 33rd Convention

Description:  The 2018 Convention set was made and designed by Thomas Adam of Thomas Adam Design.  It’s based on the Convention theme, “Shakers Rock”. The set has a lot of detail.…

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2017 – 32nd Convention

Description: Our chapter had a meeting in October of 2015 . We discussed ideas for the convention set. We came up with these ideas: ice castle, Paul and Babe, anthropomorphic lady slippers…

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2016 – 31st Convention

Description: “Color your cares away” was the joint effort of several Shakin’ up Pennsylvania chapter members. It was hard to nail down just one idea because we found so many things…

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2015 – 30th Convention

Convention 2015 Shaker

Description: The one-piece set was designed by a New York artist, Ms Xindi Yan, from a rough sketch provided by Barbara Cummings. We wanted to capture the convention theme of “Spice…

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2014 – 29th Convention


Description:  From “Junior News”, September 2014 issue by Sally Sebert: The 2014 Convention set is a take-off on a famous painting from the 1930’s by Grant Wood.  He called his painting…

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2013 – 28th Convention


Description: The 2013 convention set is based on the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. Our version retains the shape of the original, including the tower with a starburst; a…

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2012 – 27th Convention


Description: The 2012 Convention shaker represents the convention location of the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area. The base symbolizes both the American and the Canadian sides of the Falls. The nodders denote the…

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2011 – 26th Convention


Description:  Broken promises, disappointing, poor quality, these are the words to describe the 2011 convention shaker. After promising delivery, even up to the day of convention, the sets never arrived.…

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2010 – 25th Convention


Description: The set has 7 pieces – a lobster salt, a chef pepper, a stove, frying pan, candle (plus one spare), and a tray. Shaker Manufacturer: StoryBook Ceramics, Wagener, SC Number Manufactured:…

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25th Anniversary


Description: The year 2010 marked the 25th Anniversary Convention of the Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers Club. To commemorate the Club’s Silver Anniversary Convention, the Executive Committee had this 3-piece shaker…

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2009 – 24th Convention


Description: The set is a three-piece condiment set on a tray. The tray is shaped like Tennessee and displays the state’s nickname, “The Volunteer State,” across the front. The Tennessee River…

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2008 – 23rd Convention


Description: The 2008 convention set is a nodder, condiment set. The shaker base is a postcard. The front has a picture of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge with the words…

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2007 – 22nd Convention


Description: The set is a napkin holder with turnabout shakers sitting on the base. The napkin holder base is a Florida billboard beach scene. The turnabout shakers are named Work and…

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2006 – 21st Convention


Description: The 2006 Convention set is a nodder. A veggie couple sit in a rolling chair in Atlantic City. It is a wicker type rolling chair made famous in Atlantic City…

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2005 – 20th Convention


Description: It’s a nodder set with the base shaped like the state of Wisconsin. On top of the base a badger (Wisconsin’s state animal) sits on a log holding a fishing…

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2004 – 19th Convention


Description: The plan for this three-piece set was to incorporate the idea of Michigan as a year-round recreation state – the Water Winter Wonderland. The kissing skaters evoke the lyrics of…

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