Description: The one-piece set was designed by a New York artist, Ms Xindi Yan, from a rough sketch provided by Barbara Cummings. We wanted to capture the convention theme of “Spice Up the Capitol” and thought that the Capitol Building with the yin and yang/salt and pepper/Democrat and Republican symbols did just that.

The mold was produced by the Petro Mold Company of Pennsylvania and the shakers were made and decorated by Linda Littlejohn of R & L Ceramics of Illinois. We were delighted to have a completely U.S. made shaker set. Hubert and Clara McHugh were Chairpersons of the Convention Set Committee.

Shaker Manufacturer: R & L Ceramics
Number Manufactured: 200
Convention Theme: Spice Up the Capitol
Convention Location: Arlington, VA
Hosts: Capitol Collectors
Original Price: $70

The Number One Shaker (trimmed in gold):

Shaker Cake:

The shaker unveiling included a surprise, a delicious cake in the shape of the 2015 Convention shaker.

Concept Drawings: