Description:  The 2018 Convention set was made and designed by Thomas Adam of Thomas Adam Design.  It’s based on the Convention theme, “Shakers Rock”.

The set has a lot of detail. The total number of pieces needed to build all 150 sets was 7,650.  There were 14 pieces of printed elements per set.  Excluding the printed elements, each set is made of 37 individual pieces.

If you have a set, look for the ants! Each set has an ant or ants on the base. The number of ants varies from set to set.

The set consists of 9 pieces which have to assembled the right way (see Unveiling Presentation PowerPoint* for instructions).

Shaker Manufacturer: Thomas Adam Design, Germany
Number Manufactured: 150
Convention Theme: Shakers Rock
Convention Location: Cleveland, OH
Hosts: The Ohio Chapter
Original Price: $115

*Unveiling Presentation PowerPoint: The shaker unveiling was conducted by Harold & Susanna Knust and Junior member Emma Newmyer along with several other Junior members.  Click here or on the photo to the left to see a copy of the PowerPoint presentation.

Interesting Fact:

The color of the #2 set is made of real platinum, not silver. This makes the #2 set more valuable than the #1, gold trimmed set.

#1 Set – Gold

#2 Set – Platinum for silver