Description: Our chapter had a meeting in October of 2015 . We discussed ideas for the convention set. We came up with these ideas: ice castle, Paul and Babe, anthropomorphic lady slippers (Minnesota’s state flower), eagles, and a canoe with a bear, a moose, and a raccoon paddling it. We had a vote and Paul and Babe won.

Our next meeting was in March. Ruthie Denney of Red Peppa Studio came to this meeting and we gave her ideas on how we wanted Paul and Babe to look. We decided Paul would hold an ax and both Paul and Babe’s head would nod. Paul and Babe would then be standing on a tray that looked like a lake formed by Paul’s big boot.

After our members voted to go ahead with the sketch, Ruthie came up with a couple of changes to enhance the set. She added the yoke around Babe’s neck, made the trees have a 3-D appearance, and logs would make up the base. Ruthie then took these ideas to a mold maker and the molds were made.

When the molds were completed, Ruthie started making the 152 sets needed for convention.

Shaker Manufacturer: Red Peppa Studio
Number Manufactured: 152
Convention Theme: Up North in Minnesota
Convention Location: Bloomington, MN
Hosts: The Minnesota Chapter
Original Price: $98

Concept Drawing