Local chapters of the Novelty Salt & Pepper Shakers Club provide an enjoyable way to meet fellow collectors in your local area. The meetings are fun, informative get-togethers that provide opportunities to buy, sell, and trade shakers.

To find when and where the next chapter meeting or mini-convention is in your area, locate the closest chapter to you from the list below and send their contact a message via the contact form below. They look forward to hearing from you.  Some chapters even have links to their own web pages.

United States Chapters

Big Apple Shakers

Area(s): New York City, NY and surrounding areas (Long Island & neighboring states)

Contact: Noreen Neary

Capitol Collectors

Area(s): Washington, D.C., Maryland & Virginia

Contact: Trish Claar

Garden State Chapter

Area(s): New Jersey & bordering states

Contact: Rosalie Friedberg

Golden State Shakers

Area(s): Southern California

Contact: Cheryl Lenhart

Grand Canyon Chapter

Area(s): Arizona & surrounding states

Contact: Pat Yedlin

Gulf South Shakers

Area(s): Gulf coast region of Louisiana, SE Texas, Mississippi, Alabama & Florida

Contact: Angelle Arata

Facebook Page


Area(s): Iowa, Nebraska & surrounding states

Contact: Ruthie Denney

Facebook Page


Area(s): Michigan & nearby states

Contact: Tricia Nault


Area(s): Minnesota & surrounding states

Contact: Jim Oswald

Northwest Shakers Will Travel

Area(s): Oregon & Washington

Contact: Louise Davis


Area(s): Ohio & bordering Pennsylvania & Kentucky

Contact: Betsy Zalewski

Shakers Anonymous

Area(s): Northern California & Northern Nevada

Contact: Liane Sousa

Shakin’ Up Pennsylvania

Area(s): Central Atlantic Region

Contact: Marlene Pawlikowski

Southeastern Chapter

Area(s): Southeastern Region (North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama & South Carolina)

Contact: Sally Sebert

Yankee Chapter

Area(s): New England states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island)

Contact: Bonnie Clark

International Chapters

Shakers, EH?

Area(s): Western Ontario

Contact: Horst Paetzold

Shakin’ Together – European Chapter

Area(s): Europe

Contact: Harald Knust

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Local Chapter Contact