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Introduction to Types of Shakers

By Sally Sebert

The word “Novelty” in our club title means we primarily collect figural or character shakers, i.e., those in the form of people, objects, or animals. We do not collect the classic painted floral or standard cylindrical restaurant-style shakers.

Materials to make novelty shakers are limitless. Shakers can be glass, porcelain, plastic, ceramic, metal, wood, etc.

The following definitions describe the majority of the ‘structural types’ or forms of salt and pepper sets. They do not include the various ‘design types’ the shakers can be, such as comic or realistic animals, realistic or anthropomorphic objects or vegetables, and so on.

Many shakers can be more than one form type – e.g., a Longboy may also be a One-piece, a Wire set may also be a Hanger, etc. Many variations and combinations of types exist that none of us know for sure what “true type” name to give them, such as a combination Holder, Hanger Three-Piece set!

Finally, the definitions include general ‘shaker lingo’ that members use.

What’s a Pair

Any salt and pepper shaker set in its original combination is a PAIR. Any of the definitions apply as well if the two shakers hug, sit on one another, are formed into one-piece, etc. If the PAIR of shakers does none of these things, it is simply called a PAIR.


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