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The Novelty Salt & Pepper Shakers Club is a collectors club comprised of members from around the world with various backgrounds who have one thing in common -- the love of collecting novelty and figural salt and pepper shakers. Collectively we have a lot of education and friendship to share.

Our purpose is to provide services and education to people interested in the history and the collection of novelty and figural salt and pepper shakers.

We host a national annual convention plus many local chapters have meetings and events throughout the year. A quarterly Newsletter and a Membership Roster is included with membership as well as full access to our Club website. A special Junior Membership program is available for members under 18 years old.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Club!


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Shaker Member Since

Omg! This is the most amazing thing ever! I am so sad it took this long to find you guys!!! That database is the most exciting thing I think I have ever found! I want to unpack my 500+ sets and categorize every one!! Thank you for creating this!!!

Lisa B. - Massachusetts

Shaker Member Since 2007

There are many reasons I enjoy being a member of the Club. The top three are the friendships I’ve made with people who share my passion for shakers, the knowledge I’ve gained about shakers, and of course the shakers I’ve added to my collection from attending conventions and Chapter meetings.

Kim M. - Texas

Shaker Member Since 1991

I have enjoyed being a member of this club because of all the fellow collectors I have met. It is so much fun to share information about different sets and to hear about other collections. I love belonging to a local chapter and also being able to go to the national convention and catch up with friends across the country (and world). This club has definitely enhanced my salt and pepper collecting experience!

Liane S. - California

Shaker Member Since 2006

I like the club so much, not only due to the fact that I can find unlimited shaker information but also because we made friends, from all over the world, sharing a mutual passion! It feels like we are one big shaker family!

Veronique V. - Belgium

Shaker Member Since 2018

Enjoyed Josh's Vintage Plastic Water Globes article immensely and I want everyone to know it LOL.

Dan P. - Kansas

Shaker Member Since

Love the new eBay auctions section.

Tracy N. - Arizona

Shaker Member Since

Thanks so much!  I found the article.  I found it totally fascinating and will have to go back later and look at it again.  I have never seen these shakers. Thanks for sharing.

Yvonne V. - Minnesota

Shaker Member Since 1995

Imagine a club with wonderful friends from all over the world that share your same interests. You don’t have to imagine if you are a member in the Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers Club. This club is the best!

Mr. Joe - Kansas

Shaker Member Since

This convention year, 2022 in New Jersey was a blast. I got to help a lot more (wishing I would have done more before), during this convention.