2003 – 18th Convention


Description: The 2003 set, a condiment set, celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first flight of an airplane by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The salt and pepper pilots were made from old German molds. The airplane was modeled after an old sourvenir airplane. It has a decal that states “Carolina Shaker Flight…

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2002 – 17th Convention


Description: Ohio being the roller coaster capitol of the world was the inspiration for the 2002 nodder convention set. The base is “The Shake Up” roller coaster. The nodding shakers are colorful, roller coaster cars. Each set was hand-signed by Jerry Berta. Shaker Manufacturer: Jerry Berta Number Manufactured: 500 Convention Theme: Ohio Shaker Fair Convention Location: Columbus, OH Hosts: Ohio Chapter…

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2001 – 16th Convention


Description: This two-piece set is Captain Pepper and his Salty Ship. The set is 2 1/4 inches high and 4 inches wide. The space ship’s holes are in the “00” of 2001. The astronaut has one hole. Shaker Manufacturer: Bob Zoeller (Artist and Manufacturer) Number Manufactured: 500 Convention Theme: 2001 Space Odyssey Convention Location: Portland, OR Hosts: Northwest and Have Shaker…

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2000 – 15th Convention


Description: This three-piece set truly represents the state of Minnesota. The shakers are a nodding, walleye fisherman sitting in his canoe and a timberwolfe howling on the beach. The back of the base is the shape of the state of Minnesota. It features many items that Minnesota is famous for – Paul Bunyon, snow, 10,000 lakes,…

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1999 – 14th Convention


Description: Entitled “Pecos Bill” this condiment set features some of Pecos Bill’s exploits. Bill sits on a mountain lion while holding a rattle snake which he used as a lariat to rope a tornado.  The top half of Bill is one shaker. A tornado hitting the barn is the other shaker. The tornado is a nodder…

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1998 – 13th Convention


Description: The lucky 13th convention shaker is a condiment set that truly represents the convention location of Las Vegas. The shakers are playing cards. The salt is the king of spades and the pepper is the queen of hearts. The mustard pot is a slot machine with a winning pull of 777. The spoon is the…

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1997 – 12th Convention


Description: The 12th Convention set is an anthropomorphic condiment set. It was designed by Ken Wittlief. The shakers are a male milk carton and a female hunk of cheese. The ice cream sundae is a mustard dish with spoon. Note, the bisque cover fits best with the pink scoop of ice cream facing forward with the…

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1996 – 11th Convention


Description: The set is a nodder, turnabout, condiment produced by Fitz & Floyd. The first licensed club set, it is inscribed “Home of the American Bandstand Show” and is licensed by Dick Clark’s company, Olive Enterprises, Inc. The front has two rock and roll dancers on either side of a jukebox. The back has Ben Franklin…

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1995 – 10th Convention


Description: The 1995 set is a three-piece set. The two shakers make up the state of California. They split to represent California’s famous earthquakes. The Golden Gate Bridge and Lake Tahoe are shown in the northern portion of the state. A smiling orange wearing a hat and sunglasses represents southern California. The base is the Pacific…

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1994 – 9th Convention


Description: The 1994 convention set is a condiment set in the shape of Michigan. The top is a one-piece shaker shaped like the upper peninsula. The mustard pot is shaped like the lower peninsula. It has a car in bas relief in the center. A spoon sits inside the mustard pot in a dedicated slot on…

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1993 – 8th Convention


Description: The space shuttle set is the first condiment convention set. The salt and pepper shakers are booster rockets that sit on a cloud base. The mustard pot is the red-colored main rocket with the space shuttle attached to it. The nose cone is the mustard lid. Shaker Manufacturer: D & H Studios Number Manufactured: 600 Convention Theme: Shakin’…

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1992 – 7th Convention


Description: The set, two maple leaf people, is named “The Leaf People.” It is the last known order produced by Regal China. The girl is the salt. Her blue sash on her back creatively contains an “S.” The boy is the pepper. He has the letter “P” on his back pockets. The green base is in…

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1991 – 6th Convention


Description: “A Nod to Abe,” a three-piece nodder set, was designed by sculptress Betty Harrington (1919-1990) the creator of many shakers and figurines for Ceramic Arts Studio. The base is a bust of Lincoln, complete with stove pipe hat, and the children’s bodies attached at Lincoln’s shoulders. The children’s heads are nodder shakers. The little girl,…

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1990 – 5th Convention


Description: This three-piece set, “Afloat on the Mississippi,” was designed and produced by sculpter Rick Wisecarver (1950-2002). The shakers are two rough and tumble boys, one white and one black, fishing from a raft. The raft is the tray and has indentations for the shakers. Each set is signed, dated, and numbered. Shaker Manufacturer: Rick Wisecarver, designer…

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1989 – 4th Convention


Description: “Come Travel to Beautiful Ohio” is a go-with set. The shakers are a brown mini-van and tan trailer. The trailer’s license plate number is 1989. The green tray is in the shape of Ohio. Shaker Manufacturer: Aura Pottery Number Manufactured: 200 Convention Theme: Funtime Convention 1989 Convention Location: Richfield, Ohio Hosts: Joyce & Bill Fisher Original Price: $25 From “Convention 1989”…

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1988 – 3rd Convention


Description: This nodder set, entitled the “Raisin Nodder,” was designed by Clara & Hubert McHugh. While it’s the third convention set it’s also the first convention set after the creation of the Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers Club. The base is a box of “Cereal City Raisin Bran” cereal because the convention was held in Battle…

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1987 – 2nd Convention


Description: This two-piece set, a hand holding the world, represented the convention theme of “Reach out to Other Collectors.” The hand shaker came in two colors – white and brown. There were 215 white hands and 35 brown hands. The hand has 3 holes. The world shaker has 4 holes. The words “2nd Annual Salt &…

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1986 – 1st Convention


Description: The first convention set is a single, stoneware shaker. Note, the club’s name at the time was Salt Shaker Collectors Club (SSCC). The shaker was unusual because it was not made from a mold like most shakers, but was hand thrown on a potters wheel. The sets are numbered. Paperwork indicating the untitled shaker was…

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