Teapots salt and pepper shakers
Steins salt and pepper shakers
Pitchers salt and pepper shakers

This is a series of miscellaneous / kitchenware shakers from the 1950s.  They are all stamped red "Japan".  They stand about 3'' in height with 3 and 2 pour holes as a correct pair.

They fit nicely together as a series with identical patterns including white pebbled surface, gold trim, and small pink flowers.

I have difficulty describing what each set is suppose to be, but there are clearly different shapes of teapots, pitchers, and a stein.

Teapots salt and pepper shakers

There are other closely related items that belong to series of their own.  These two sets below of pails and wheelbarrows similar in color, but the surface is diamond shaped instead of pebbled and the flowers are gold.

Wheelbarrows salt and pepper shakers