At Convention 2017 the Board signed a contract for the production of a video to be used on social media.  While the full length video is still in production, the company did a promo teaser/commercial for us.

Click here to see the promo teaser video, What's Shakin?.

Kim Maddox is in charge of the project and says we can use some more photos and videos.  Please take some photos of your shakers and send them to her via her Dropbox account.  It's easy, just click here to be taken to her Dropbox account, then choose which files you want to share.

Need ideas? How about photos of your holiday shakers while you have them out.  Share photos of how you display your shakers. Do you have chapter meeting photos showing members laughing and having fun or photos of displays from a mini convention? Take a photo of those cute shaker earrings you have, or the apron you made from shaker material, or the shaker mirror you won in a raffle.  You probably have lots more ideas, now grab your cell phone, take a photo or video, and submit it!