Twin Winton Hawaiian Boy & Girl Salt and Pepper Shakers


Is this set really Twin Winton?  If anyone has any additional information on this set, we would really like to hear from you.  This is what we know...

  1. The set is depicted in Sylvia Tompkins and Irene Thornburg's book entitled Salt & Pepper Shakers Made in the USA with the caption "Hawaiian Couple. 3.5'' high.  Unpriced.  Extremely rare, very few made.  Signed by Don in 2000".  The set is unmarked and has plastic stoppers.
  2. This set was shared with Twin Winton collectors on their public FaceBook page and nobody thought it was Twin Winton.  They all agreed that it was likely Treasure Craft.
  3. The shakers are inches smaller than normal "big ugly brown" Twin Winton sets.  They are also way more detailed.  They have the word "Hawaii" at the bottom giving it a souvenir type appearance.  All these features are more in keeping with Treasure Craft.
  4. We know Don Winton came to convention in 2000 and signed a bunch of shakers he claimed to have designed. These shakers were bonafide Twin Winton sets, numerous Treasure Craft go withs, and numerous Arcadia miniatures.

In conclusion, until additional information is obtained, this set is most likely a Don Winton designed set for Treasure Craft.  As for the "extremely rare, very few made" nature of the set?...we will see how many people claim to also have this set.  Maybe it was more of a prototype or a set with a very limited run that was difficult to manufacture due to the delicate and detailed nature of the design.