Mice have just been added to the shaker database.

Remember that the shaker search function is a "literal" search.  Meaning, if you search for "mice", you will only get the shakers with the word "mice" in the title/name.  All the shakers consisting of a "mouse and cheese" will not show up.  And vice versa, if you search "mouse", you won't get the shakers that consist of two "mice".

If you are interested in seeing an entire category such as mice.  Choose the "Primary Category" as "Animals", then the "Secondary Category" as "Mice".  Leave the search field blank and hit enter.  Now you will have a list of all the "mice" and "mouse" shakers under that category.  Limitation:  You won't see the mice/mouse shakers from other categories (i.e. the Ceramic Arts Studio mouse and cheese salt and pepper shakers which will be listed under "American Pottery" - "Ceramic Arts Studio")