Limoges seahorses / sea serpents salt and pepper shakers

Limoges Seahorses / Sea Serpents, circa 1920s-30s

This set has a prototypical Limoges look, with a white pearly finish and gold trim.  What you can't appreciate from the photo is the quality of porcelain characteristic of Limoges pottery as well.

Although these are categorized as seahorses in the club's shaker database based on the opinion of water-related shaker expert Sylvia Tompkins, I could see someone arguing that they are instead sea serpents.  Either way, they are neat.  And small - standing less than 3'' in height.

As you can see below, another version of the set the seahorse / sea serpent is paired with some kind of water plant looking structure or pillar.

Limoge seahorse / sea serpent salt and pepper shakers