Hosted by Debbie & Mike Simmons


The official dates were July 19-20, 2019 but members, as they usually do, started arriving the previous weekend.  As the week progressed more and more convention attendees arrived each day. By Friday everyone was ready to "shake, shake, shake!"

Early in the week members toured the area, went antiquing, shopped for shakers in rooms, reunited with friends and made new ones. It was definitely a fun-filled week with lots of shaker talk.


Mr. Joe's Collection

2019 convention-2

For many their first stop was a trip to see Mr. Joe's fabulous shaker collection.  He had an "open house" Monday, Tuesday and the following Sunday.  It was well worth the drive from the hotel.

2019 convention-4
2019 convention-1
2019 convention-3

Kansas City Trolley & Barbecue Tour

Kansas City, MO tours were available several days to accommodate the various arrival days of members. The Trolley Car conveniently picked up members at the hotel and hit all of the Kansas City highlights.

Since no trip to Kansas City would be complete without their famous barbecue, the optional city tour stopped at Jack Stack Barbecue for lunch. It definitely lived up to its' world class reputation.

2019 convention-5
2019 convention-6
2019 convention-7
2019 convention-40
2019 convention-8
2019 convention-9
2019 convention-10

Belger Gallery

2019 convention-16
2019 convention-17
2019 convention-18

The Belger Gallery held an open house for the Novelty Salt & Pepper Shakers Club Wednesday evening featuring their current exhibit, "Shake It: The International Salt & Pepper Exhibition".

There were two speakers; the director of the gallery who discussed the production of shakers by the artists and our own Cheryl Lenhart who spoke on the origin of salt and pepper shakers.


2019 convention-15
2019 convention-14

Another member of our Club, artist Gary Seymour, participated in the exhibit by displaying a few of his salt and pepper shakers. They quickly sold out.

2019 convention-12
2019 convention-11
2019 convention-13a

Evening Receptions

By day most people were out and about but by evening they were back at the hotel for the daily, complementary, no-host evening reception. It was a pleasant way to unwind after running around all day and a great way to meet new collectors or to find faces for Facebook friends.

2019 convention-28

Shaker Shopping

Shaker shopping is why you go to convention and there's lots of opportunities to add to your collection.

Shaker Shopping - Hotel Rooms

You could find literally thousands of shakers for sale in the various guest hotel rooms.  There were shakers on tables, shelves, the floor, and on beds. Every place you looked you could find shakers.

Some brought hundreds or maybe even thousands to sell and others just a few. Prices varied. You could negotiate. This is where you could find bargains and rare, one-of-a kind shakers. You had to check them all out to find what you just couldn't live without.

2019 convention-35
2019 convention-32
2019 convention-39
2019 convention-31
2019 convention-43
2019 convention-33
2019 convention-34
2019 convention-36
2019 convention-41
2019 convention-37
2019 convention-29
2019 convention-30
2019 convention-42


Another option for buying shakers is at one of the auctions. There's one Friday afternoon, another on Saturday afternoon and a short one Saturday night. They are a lot of fun and sometimes the bids get competitive and exciting.

This year three people tried being the auctioneer and discovered it's not as easy as Larry makes it look. Ruthie Denney, Virginia Volkman and Bob Gentile can now tick being an auctioneer off their bucket lists.

2019 convention-44
2019 convention-45
2019 convention-46
2019 convention-47
2019 convention-50
2019 convention-55
2019 convention-52
2019 convention-48
2019 convention-54
2019 convention-49
2019 convention-51
2019 convention-56


Yes, the convention has meetings. We may be a fun group but we still have serious business to take care of.

Board of Directors' Meeting

The Board of Directors meets all year by e-mail but this is the one time a year they get together in person to discuss the Club's business.

2019 convention-66

President Debbie Barger

2019 convention-68
2019 convention-67

Junior Members' Party

The Junior Members' party is their version of a convention meeting.  You can tell by the photos they take it very seriously (LOL).

2019 convention-65
2019 convention-62
2019 convention-64
2019 convention-63

Chapter Presidents' Meeting with the BOD

The chapter presidents meet with the Board of Directors once a year at Convention.  This is when the chapter presidents ask questions, share ideas and make suggestions.

2019 convention-70
2019 convention-69

First Timers Meeting

Conventions can be a bit overwhelming for someone attending the first time. There's so much happening and everyone seems to know one another. That's why the Club came up with the First Timers Meeting several years ago to help a first timer navigate the convention.

2019 convention-60
2019 convention-61
2019 convention-59

General Business Meeting

The General Business Meeting occurs just once-a-year when members get together at Convention. The BOD members and Committee Chairpersons report to the membership about the past year's activities and any future plans.

2019 convention-71
2019 convention-73

Liane Sousa takes over the Secretary position from Kim Maddox

2019 convention-72

Ruthie Denney is awarded $20 for winning the Dealer's Membership Contest


There were two great presentations this year.

You can find Kelsey's complete presentation on the Presentations page of this website.

Bonnie's presentation will be available shortly.

2019 convention-57

Bonnie Clark
Chalk Talk - A Story of Chalkware

2019 convention-58

Kelsey Peyton
A Look Into Plastics

2019 Convention Shaker Unveiling

This year's set was unveiled by Mr. Joe. It is a one-piece political set of Harry Truman displaying his famous newspaper headline.

2019 convention-79
2019 convention-77
2019 convention-78
2019 convention-80

Saturday evening Pat Wierer was the lucky winner of the #1 gold set

Lifetime Achievement Award

2019 convention-81

Mary Gelinas is awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Vice President Louise Davis

With her many and repeated activities and achievements, Mary epitomizes the requirements of a Lifetime Achievement Award and the BOD is proud to present her as 2019 winner.

Member of National since 1994

Chapter Level: Queb-Ont East

Vice President of Queb-Ont the first Canadian Chapter.

Chapter Level: Shakers, Eh?

  • Membership Coordinator for many years
  • Takes minutes of meetings for chapter newsletter and national newsletter
  • Hosts chapter meetings
  • Contributes articles to chapter newsletter

Convention Level

  • Co-chaired convention in Las Vegas in 2013
  • Was on the shaker and design committee for the 2013 national convention
  • Did presentation on Bride & Groom shakers in 2013
  • Mary helped with the convention auction for many years as well as selling raffle tickets during convention.
  • Was instrumental in organizing and presenting the S&P rap at the Novi convention and the RCMP musical ride at the Buffalo convention.
  • Mary has participated in many convention contests including the costume contest multiple times as a single as well as double and multi-person.  She has also participated in the display contest.

National Level

  • Mary was BOD secretary for 6 years filling in for a 3rd term with BOD approval when no one else would run for the office.
  • She served BOD president for 2 years
  • Mary has also made several contributions to National Newsletter.

General Raffle

Throughout Convention raffle tickets are being sold for a chance to win fabulous gift baskets of prizes. Once the formal meetings start drawings are held to distribute the various treasures.

2019 convention-124
2019 convention-119
2019 convention-123
2019 convention-120
2019 convention-118
2019 convention-122
2019 convention-121
2019 convention-125

Costume Contests

The contestants outdid themselves this year. Everyone truly was a winner!

Adult - 1 Person

2019 convention-84
2019 convention-84a

1st Place
Lady on Alligator
Harold Knust

2019 convention-85
2019 convention-85a

2nd Place
Shoot-em-up Jake, Dodge City, Boot Hill
Carol Detweiler

2019 convention-86
2019 convention-86a

3rd Place
Sax the Cat with Saxophone
Donna Leiby

Adult -2 Person

2019 convention-87
2019 convention-87a

1st Place
Cat Ballerinas
Gary Maddox & Michele "Weez"

2019 convention-88
2019 convention-88a

2nd Place
Zero & Dog House, Nightmare Before Christmas
Cheryl Lenhart & Phil Mays

2019 convention-89
2019 convention-89a

3rd Place
Love & Peace Hippie Couple
Veronique Verbist & Rene Springael

Adult - Multi-Person

2019 convention-90
2019 convention-90a

1st Place
Baseball Players Condiment on Tray
Norma Montaigne, Bonnie Clark & Christy Hammar

2019 convention-91
2019 convention-91a

2nd Place
Royal Flush Hand of Playing Cards
Doris McGinley, Ada Piotrowski, Katy Piotrowski, Lynn Groll, & Kim Russell

Juniors - Multi-Person

2019 convention-82
2019 convention-82a

1st Place
Frozen - Anna, Elsa & Olaf
Alexie Weaver, Landon Weaver & Payton Boyle

2019 convention-83

2nd Place
Frozen - Elsa & Anna
Hanna Hammar & Holly Hammar

2019 convention-83a

Theme Contest


2019 convention-92

1st Place
Alyson Nagel Set
Debbie Simmons

2019 convention-93

2nd Place
Cat Musicians
Josh Weaver

2019 convention-94

3rd Place
Raisin Musicians
Karen Weaver

Junior Member

2019 convention-95

1st Place
Boy and Mandolin
Landon Weaver

2019 convention-96

2nd Place
Beale Street Musicians
Lexie Weaver

2019 convention-97

3rd Place
Tootie Frootie Jazz Club
Payton Doyle

Display Contests

Each display entry showed a lot of imagination. We're fortunate the members were willing to pack up their shakers, transport them and display them so we could all enjoy their creativity.


1st Place
Happy Birthday Mr President
Veronique Verbist

2nd Place
Instant Prince
Pat Lenhart

3rd Place
All Jazzed Out
Rachel Maddox

Small Display

1st Place
3D Shaker Museum
Veronique Verbist

2nd Place
Seasoning Garden
Kelsey Peyton

3rd Place
Jack the Pharmacist
Patty & Mike McHugh

Medium Display

1st Place
Apollo 11 50 Years Shaking to the Moon
Gary Maddox

2nd Place
Pick of the Chicken Coop
Marcia Oswald

3rd Place
Plunk Your Magic Twanger, Frogger
Norma Montaigne

Large Display

1st Place
When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best
Kim Maddox

2nd Place
Let It Snow, Man
Sandy Sies

Junior Member Display

1st Place
Shaker Zoo
Payton Boyle

2nd Place
Hanna Hammer

3rd Place
Scaredy Cat Alley
Eva Linton

Next Year?

Rosalie Friedberg, next year's Convention Chairperson, and the Garden State Chapter had fun presenting next year's location - Newark, New Jersey! The 2020 Convention will be the 35th convention and promises to be extra special. You won't want to miss it!

2019 convention-112
2019 convention-116
2019 convention-113
2019 convention-117
2019 convention-114


A big THANK YOU! to all of the volunteers.  It takes a lot of dedicated people to put on a Convention. The planning begins more than a year before. There's lots of volunteer time needed before, at and even after Convention. A special thanks goes to this years co-hosts Debbie & Mike Simmons who put in many hours of time to make this year's Convention successful.

2019 convention-126
2019 convention-127

Passing of the S&P

The last order of business is the passing of the "S&P". A special set is passed from the outgoing hosts to the new ones. It's like passing the Olympic torch.

2019 convention-128

Rosalie Frieberg & Linda Rice accept the "S&P" from Debbie & Mike Simmons

House Tours

After Convention the fun continued as Mr Joe, Freddie & Betty Hunter and Debbie & Mike Simmons  all offered tours of their fabulous collections.

Here's a few photos of the Hunters wonderful collection.

2019 convention-134
2019 convention-133
2019 convention-137
2019 convention-138
2019 convention-131
2019 convention-130
2019 convention-135
2019 convention-136
2019 convention-132
2019 convention-129

Some Fun, Misc Photos

There's lots of fun moments at Convention whether its dressing in shaker costumes, stuffing in an elevator or dancing in a Conga line. Here's some miscellaneous photos of members just having fun.

See Ya Next Year!