Hosted by the Minnesota Chapter


Members headed north this year to attend the 2017 Convention in Bloomington, MN.  While the official dates of the convention were July 14-15, many members started to arrive Saturday, July 8th to vacation in the area and shop, shop, shop for shakers.  As the week progressed more and more shaker collectors and their families arrived. Many took advantage of the planned sightseeing tours, “antiquing” in the area (which was helped tremendously by the extensive list of local antique stores published in the convention program) and of course, shopping for shakers in the various hotel guest rooms.


During the day many took advantage of the great tours, tourist attractions and antique stores in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

The Mall of America was a favorite destination for many members.

The Stillwater…Birthplace of Minnesota paddle boat tour was another hit.

Shaker Shopping

Shaker shopping was THE FAVORITE PASTIME.  “Shaker talking”  was a close second.

The sign that indicated a room was open for shopping.


A successful convention is the result of lots of volunteers.  Much of the work is done before convention but volunteers are needed at the event too. It’s fun and a great way to meet people.  Think about volunteering next year!

Not all of the volunteers are pictured here.

Chairman Jim Oswald

Co-Chair Marcia Oswald

Convention Activities

Every year official activities include auctions, raffles, contests, awards, educational presentations, entertainment and games. A special convention shaker is unveiled. Junior members have a pool party/pizza party and “first timers” have a reception.  Of course, there’s a business-side to convention.  The Board of Directors have their annual meeting, the chapter presidents get together, and there is a General Membership Meeting. Two dinners and a breakfast completed the event.

Convention Rally Cry

Convention just wouldn’t be a convention if you didn’t hear our rally cry in the halls, in the meeting rooms, on tour buses……

Board of Directors

Old/New Board of Directors

Passing of the shaker gavels and the swearing in of the new President

New Board of Directors

Swearing in of the new Vice President

Lifetime Achievement Award

This year’s recipient is Ruthie Denney.


Where Caipirinhas & Shakers Meet
by Susanna & Harald Knust

Shaking Up History
by Carol Detweiler

Sandy Srp’s Sensational Shakers
by Marlene Pawlikowski

2017 Convention Shaker

This year’s shaker was unveiled on Friday morning to lots of oohs and ahhs.  The Paul Bunyan and Babe nodder made by Red Peppa Studio was a big hit.

The lucky winner of the gold-trimmed Number 1 Convention Shaker – Lola Gonia

Junior Member Pool Party

This year the Junior Members and their families met by the pool for fun and games.

Survivor… Shaker Style

On Friday, members were told that 20 brown bags were hidden around the hotel. Finding a bag gave you entry into the game Friday night.  The contestants were asked questions.  Answer correctly and you survived the round. Miss a question and you sit down.

The Contestants

Making Fire Shaker Style

And then there were two…..
The winner is Ruthie Denney!

Not Quite a Party

The hotel was great except for their elevators.  Two different groups at two different times had to be saved by the elevator company after being trapped in the elevator. While waiting to be rescued they took a selfie of their experience.

Costume Contest

The costume contest always guarantees to bring smiles to faces.  Members dress-up as a salt and pepper shaker set.  It must represent an entire set, even in the one person categories.

Adult – One Person

1st Place

Anita Pyle – Angel on the Moon (Fitz & Floyd)

Adult – Two Person

1st Place

Rene Springael &Veronique Verbist
Mummy & Deady

2nd Place

Gary & Kim Maddox
Hillbillies in Barrels

3rd Place

Cheryl Lenhart & Phil Mays
Hispanic Day of the Dead

Adult – Multi-Person

1st Place

Norma Montaigne, Andrea Goldberg, & Bonnie Clark
50-States of Heather House Parkcraft

2nd Place

Doris McGinley, Kimberly Russell, Lynn Groll, & Katy Piotrowski
Florida 2007 Convention “Work” “Play” Turnabouts

Junior Member – One Person

1st Place

Katie Stroba
One-piece on Tray (Allyson Nagel)

Katie with artist Allyson Nagel plus Allyson’s granddaughter


1st Place

Julie Stroba (adult) & Emily Stroba (Junior Member)
Fashion Ladies About Town

Shaker Theme Contest

Members submitted shakers they thought best represented this year’s theme “Brrr”.  There were 39 participants.  The winners are below.

1st Place

Mary Holt
Silver Penguins

2nd Place

Phil Mays
Cat on an Ice Cube

3rd Place

Josh Weaver
Yeti Holding a Boulder

Shaker Displays

There are four types of displays:

  • Shoebox – any number of shakers, but all shakers must fit inside a shoebox no larger than 13″x7.5″x5″
  • Small – up to 30 shakers
  • Medium – 31 to 75 shakers
  • Large – more than 75 shakers

Junior Members also have a display contest. They can not have more than 30 shakers.


Click on the photos to see a larger image.

1st Place

Cheryl Lenhart
Everyone’s Dancing with Beauty & the Beast

2nd Place

Andrea Goldberg
Doggie Vet

3rd Place

Jean Rowe
By the Sea

Small Display

Click on the photos to see a larger image.

1st Place

Carol Detweiler
Bottle of Boos

2nd Place

Veronique Verbist

3rd Place

Linda Young
Happy Hour

Medium Display

Click on the photos to see a larger image.

1st Place

Anita Pyle
S&P Park

1st Place

Daryl Sies
Birds of a Feather Flock Together

1st Place

Andrea Goldberg
Mouse Wedding

Large Display

Click on the photos to see a larger image.

1st Place

Kim & Gary Maddox
Minne’Shaker’Sota Early Days

2nd Place

Sandy Sies

3rd Place

Norma Montaigne

Junior Member Display

Click on the photos to see a larger image.

1st Place

Alexie Weaver
Freeze your Knees Snowland

Passing of the S&P

Chairman Jim Oswald passed the S&P shaker set to next year chairpersons, Karen Weaver and Josh Weaver.  It marks the sad end of one convention but gives us something to look forward to next year in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Start planning now to attend!

Home Tours

After Convention two members of the Minnesota Chapter graciously welcomed members to visit and see their collections.

Daryl & Sandy Sies

Jim & Marcia Oswald

Plan to attend convention next year!