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Another convention has come to a close.  Attendees left with many fond memories and lots of shakers to add to their collections.

Members started arriving Saturday, July 9th and as the week progressed more and more members arrived to “run the rooms” and tour the area. “Run the rooms” is a term used to describe shopping for shakers in the various members’ hotel guest rooms.  Lots of laughs and hugs occur in the various guest rooms as members shop, “talk” shakers, and catch up on what’s been happening since last year.  First timers were welcomed and encouraged to join in the fun.


A “yellow card” listing the names of the sellers was given to every member when they registered.  They were then asked to obtain the signatures of at least 45 of the 55+ sellers to win a chance of a free hotel room night.  This fun event turned into a popular way for everyone to meet while shopping for shakers.

Special flags identified sellers’ rooms.  If the flag was raised, the door was open and the seller was ready for  business.  If the flag was missing, the seller was closed.

This year, there were lots of sellers and lots of bargains!  There were lots of smiles too.

Salt & Pepper Rally Cry

From time to time throughout convention you can hear our rally cry.


Thursday was a busy day.  Registration was open (and had been since Monday) plus you could buy t-shirts, submit shakers for the auction, sign up for the costume contests, set up your displays and submit your theme shaker.  You could also donate raffle prizes and buy raffle tickets.  The Board of Directors’ meeting was on Thursday morning plus the Chapter Presidents’ meeting with the Board occured this day.  The First Timers had a get-together and the Junior Members enjoyed a pool and pizza party.


Convention T-shirt

Theme Contest & Display Contest Sign-Up

Costume Contest Sign-Up




Board of Directors – with spectacles

Board of Directors – without (well, mostly anyway)

First Timers’ Meeting

First Timers’ Meeting

Junior Members’ Party

Junior Members’ Party

Junior Members’ Party


Friday is the official start of the convention.  Chairperson Marlene Pawlikowski opened the convention with the Roll Call of States. President Mary Gelinas then welcomed everyone.

The busy agenda for the day included a presentation (Beyond Kitsch-Holt Howard & More) by Bonnie Clark, the unveiling of the 2016 convention shaker, the costume contest, viewing and voting of the displays and theme contests plus a shaker auction and a dinner buffet with a “take me out to the ball game” theme.

Convention Chairperson
Marlene Pawlikowski

President Mary Gelinas

Presenter Bonnie Clark
“Beyond Kitsch-Holt Howard & More”
Note: Her presentation is available for club members on this website under Goodies/Presentations

2016 Convention Shaker Presentation

2016 Convention Shaker

2016 Convention Number 1 set (trimmed in gold) & Number 2 set (trimmed in silver)

Auction Preview

Auction Workers

Friday Night Dinner – Team Night

Friday Night Dinner – Team Night

Friday Night Dinner – Team Night


Saturday was another busy day. Convention shakers were distributed, the Lifetime Achievement Award was presented, the Business Meeting was held, and a shaker presentation by Freddie Hunter (USA Shakers-Featuring California & North Dakota).   And that was just the morning! In the afternoon, after a box lunch, the 2017 Convention Committee gave a presentation and there was a shaker auction.  Saturday night was the “Color My World” banquet, dancing, contest awards, drawing for the number 1 convention shaker, a short auction and the passing of the S&P. The night continued with more “running of the rooms” and good-by hugs.

Lifetime Achievement Award Winner – Sally Sebert

Presenter Freddie Hunter
“USA Shakers-Featuring California & North Dakota”
Note: His presentation is available for club members on this website under Goodies/Presentations

Ken Parisot, winner of the number 1 shaker, decided to keep it rather than put it in the auction.

2017 Convention Presentation

Videos from Saturday night

Awards Presentation

Passing of the S&P…until next year!

Contest Winners!

Costume Contests

Adult-1 Person – 1st Place
Donna Leiby
Frankenstein-Hanging Pumpkins

Mixed – 1st Place
Carol Detweiler & Grandson Shane Holland
Napco Mother & Child Series, Scotland

Adult-2 Person – 1st Place
Gary & Kim Maddox
Pebbles & Bam Bam

Adult-2 Person – 2nd Place
Bob Gentile & Kate Okolisan
Rose Angel Girls

Adult-2 Person – 3rd Place
Phil Mays & Cheryl Lenhart
Bugs Bunny & Honey Bunny

Adult-Multi-Person – 1st Place
Bonnie Clark, Andrea Goldberg & Norma Montaigne
Rub-a-Dub-Dub Three Men in a Tub

Adult-Multi-Person – 2nd Place
Doris McGinley, Lynn Groll, & Katy Piotrowski
Aliens – Big Eyed

Junior-1 Person – 1st Place
John Marks
Superman – Brick Wall

Junior-1 Person – 2nd Place
Aubree Pawlikowski
Snow White & Dopey – Disney

Theme Contest

1st Place
Veronique Verbist
Animal Punk Rockers

2nd Place
Kathy Lavall
The Jester & Mask

3rd Place
Joyce Porter
Save the Children

Display Contests

Shoebox – 1st Place
Pat Lenhart
Scarlet Oh Fiddle Dee Dee

Shoebox – 2nd Place
Jean Rowe

Shoebox – 3rd Place
Horst & Jane Paetzold
The Crayon Family at Home

Small Display – 1st Place
Gloria Winslow
Animal Hospital

Small Display – 2nd Place
Marjorie Keiser
Race to the White House

Small Display – 3rd Place
Ruth Denney
S&P Fun & Games

Medium Display – 1st Place
Mary Gelinas
Home Tweet Home

Medium Display – 2nd Place
Andrea Goldburg
Animal House Bed & Breakfast

Medium Display – 3rd Place
Norma Montaigne
Color the Open Road

Large Display – 1st Place
Gary & Kim Maddox

Large Display – 2nd Place
Marlene Pawlikowski
Evolution of our Collections Toys to Shakers

Junior Display – 1st Place
Aubree Pawlikowski
Rubber Ducky

Junior Display – 2nd Place
Alexie Weaver
Minnie’s Pet Shop

Junior Display – 3rd Place
Grace Cooke
Dog Park

See you next year!