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Convention 2015 Logo

The 2015 Convention is now history and many great memories.  Barbara Cummings, Joyce Dohanian and the Capitol Collectors planned a fun-filled event.  Lots of club members also volunteered to make it a success.  “Working” at convention is really lots of fun.


Many members took advantage of the great location, Arlington, VA, to tour nearby Washington, DC.  Capitol Collectors made it easy by organizing some great tours. Lots of near-by restaurants also provided a way for members to get together early in the week to share stories and good times over lunch or dinner.

Our Rally Cry!

What makes convention so much fun? From time to time through out the day you can hear someone yell “salt and pepper, salt and pepper!”  and the reply will be “shake, shake, shake!”


Shopping for shakers was on everyone’s mind when they returned to the hotel and there were lots of rooms full of shakers to keep everyone busy “running the rooms”.  There was plenty of “shaker talk” too.


The fun overflowed into the hallways!

Registration & Raffle

After picking up their registration packets members headed to the raffle room to buy raffle tickets.

A Grand Opening

On Friday the convention officially opened when Barbara Cummings, 2015 Convention Chairperson, opened with the roll call of states.  This year we had TV coverage – a crew from CBS Sunday Morning was filming  for their show to be shown in the fall.  The Washington Post was also present interviewing members for an article.


Convention presentations are a great way for members to share shaker information. This year members from Shaken’ Together-European Chapter shared information regarding European sets.

Veronique Verbist

Eric Lodge

Harald Knust

Information regarding the new club website was presented by Pat Yedlin and Josh Weaver.

Costume Contest

The costume contest is a tradition that always guarantees smiles.  This year was no exception.

Adult – One Person

1st Place
Carol Detweiler
Drunk & Signpost

2nd Place
Donna Leiby
Peter Rabbit

3rd Place
Anita Pyle
Moon Head

Awards Presentation

Donna Leiby, Anita Pyle & Carol Detweiler with presenter, Sally Seibert

Adult – Two Person

1st Place
Cheryl Lenhart & Phil Mays

Popeye & Brutus with Olive Oil (three-piece)

Awards Presentation

Phil Mays & Cheryl Lenhart

Adult - Multi-Person

1st Place
Irv & Liz Wargolet and Steve & Mary Holt

The Beatles Band

Awards Presentation

Irv & Liz Wargolet and Steve & Mary Holt


1st Place
Alexie & Landon Weaver

Sleeping Beauty – Aurora & Prince Phillip

Awards Presentation

Alexie & Landon Weaver with Mom Melissa Weaver

Theme Contest

This year the theme for this shaker contest was “Virginia is for Lovers.”  These winners were the top three out of 31 entries.

1st Place
Jim Dunk

2nd Place
Marcia Oswald

3rd Place
Karen Weaver

Awards Presentation

Karen Weaver, Marcia Oswald & Jim Dunk
with presenter Mary Ragan

Display Contests

The Display Contests (Shoebox, Small, Medium, and Large) shows the imagination of our members.  Each category, except the Shoebox category,  has restrictions for the number of shakers allowed. There are no limitations on creativity.

Display – Shoebox

1st Place
Kay Keiser

JFK’s Oval Office

2nd Place
Pat Lenhart

Abraham Lincoln

3rd Place
Marlene Pawlikowski

Nursery Rhyme Theater

Awards Presentation

Marlene Pawlikowski, Pat Lenhart & Kay Keiser
with presenter Rosalie Friedberg

Display – Small

1st Place
Marge Keiser

Washington, DC

2nd Place
Veronique Verbist

Diva Shakers

3rd Place
Mike McHugh

DC Comics

Awards Presentation

Mike McHugh, Veronique Verbist & Marge Kaiser
with presenter Rosalie Friedberg

Display - Medium

1st Place
Anita Pyle

Hawaiian Wedding

2nd Place
Carol Detweiler

Christmas Wreath

3rd Place
Irv Wargolet

Dancing by the Silvery Moon – S&P Singles Dance

Awards Presentation

Irv Wargolet, Carol Detweiler & Anita Pyle
with presenter Rosalie Friedberg

Display - Large

1st Place
Kim & Gary Maddox

Shakers on Parade – America’s Story

2nd Place
Jane & Horst Paetzold

The Elfin Gathering

3rd Place
Clara & Hubert McHugh


Awards Presentation

Clara & Hubert McHugh, Jane Paetzold & Kim & Gary Maddox
with presenter Rosalie Friedberg

Talent Contest

The call was put out months in advance for members to enter Friday night’s talent competition. While there is lots of talent in our group, only one member entered the contest. Fortunately, we were treated to the magical talent of Irv Wargolet and his able assistant (aka granddaughter) Grace Cooke. Irv performed many magic tricks and kept everyone entertained with his combination of magic and jokes.


No convention would be complete without the auction.  Many bargains were to be had plus some rare shakers were up for bid.

Shaker Unveiling

Friday night was a delicious “red, white, and blue” themed dinner.  Little did we know that a special sweet treat was planned.  When it came time to unveil the shaker a screen was removed at the back of the room and a large cake was revealed in the shape of our 2015 convention shaker.  The cake was tasty and the one-piece shaker was a real treat too.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an outstanding member who has made special contributions to the club over the years.  This year’s recipient, Debbie Barger, met the qualifications and then some.

Her special certificate read:

“Since joining the Club in 1990 Debbie has been an active, enthusiastic member. On a chapter level, she has hosted many meetings at her home and has served as newsletter editor, vice president and president of the Heartland Chapter. On a national level, Debbie hosted the 2014 Convention in Omaha, Nebraska. Her most significant, and most appreciated, achievement has been as Newsletter Editor of the club for eight years—several years more than she planned.”

Convention 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award

Business Meeting

Mary Gelinas, our new President,  opened the Business Meeting this year as Brenda All, our outgoing President was unable to attend due to personal family reasons.  The outgoing officers were thanked and the new Board of Directors was introduced.

The Board of Directors – in keeping with the Spice Up the Capitol theme they donned political masks for their photo this year.

2016 Convention Presentation

Next year? The convention will be in Allentown, PA.  Marlene Pawlilowski, the Convention Chairperson, and members of Shakin’ Up Pennsylvania gave a lively presentation about the many activities available in the area.   Next year’s convention promises to be great.

Saturday Night

Saturday night was another great dinner followed by dancing to lively music of a DJ. Later the winner of the number one set was announced, awards presented, a bunch of raffle prizes were distributed, a small auction, a big thank you to Barbara and Joyce, and the “Passing of the S&P”.

Sunday House Tours

For some members convention continued into Sunday because a few members of Capitol Collectors generously opened their homes for members to visit and view their shaker collections.