Description: Ohio being the roller coaster capitol of the world was the inspiration for the 2002 nodder convention set.

  • The base is “The Shake Up” roller coaster.
  • The nodding shakers are colorful, roller coaster cars.
  • Each set was hand-signed by Jerry Berta.

Shaker Manufacturer: Jerry Berta
Number Manufactured: 500
Convention Theme: Ohio Shaker Fair
Convention Location: Columbus, OH
Hosts: Ohio Chapter
Original Price: $45

Per Dan Schwitzgable, Convention Registration Chairperson:

“The Ohio convention shaker committee, chaired by Betsy Zalewski, decided on certain points for the design of our convention set.  It had to be smaller than 6” and we wanted it to be a nodder.  In keeping with our convention theme of the county/state fair we knew that there were usually midway rides associated with them.  Also, at about the time we were beginning to plan the convention, an article appeared in the USA Today newspaper calling Ohio the roller coaster capital of the world because there were so many roller coasters in the various amusement parks throughout the state.  The committee came up with the name “The Shake Up.”

Jerry Berta of Rockford, MI was commissioned to manufacture the set.  He felt he could make a set based on the sketches of what the committee wanted and expressed interest  in the nodder idea since he had never seen one (until he was presented with several examples).  The colors used were suggested by the artist based on those used in his other works in fitting with the bright colors usually on a roller coaster.  Jerry did say that the yellow-haired person in one of the cars depicted Betsy Zalewski because they worked so closely on the project.”