Description: “Come Travel to Beautiful Ohio” is a go-with set.

  • The shakers are a brown mini-van and tan trailer. The trailer’s license plate number is 1989.
  • The green tray is in the shape of Ohio.

Shaker Manufacturer: Aura Pottery
Number Manufactured: 200
Convention Theme: Funtime Convention 1989
Convention Location: Richfield, Ohio
Hosts: Joyce & Bill Fisher
Original Price: $25

From “Convention 1989” by Joyce and Bill Fisher, an article in the September, 2003 Club Newsletter:

The next step was making a convention shaker. The year “1988-1989” was celebrating a birthday for “Superman.” He originated in Cleveland, Ohio. Bill got the idea to do the phone booth as salt and Superman as the pepper shaker.

Hubert and Clara McHugh volunteered to help us. After many phone calls it was determined that D C COMICS held the copyright to Superman. Hubert called them several times, and they were very co-operative when they heard that it was a Club project, and actually waived all copyright fees. BUT they insisted that their sculptor had to make the model, and that cost a minimum of $5,000. With the projection of only making 200 or less shakers the cost of each would have been a minimum of $25 for the sculpture, plus another $20 cost of manufacture. The projected cost killed the Superman idea.

The second idea was to make the state as a tray with a trailer and camper as the salt and pepper shaker. Ohio is second in the nation for tourists and vacations. Hubert knew of a company in Pennsylvania to make our mold and shaker. We ordered 150 sets with 50 more to follow at a later date.