Description: This nodder set, entitled the “Raisin Nodder,” was designed by Clara & Hubert McHugh. While it’s the third convention set it’s also the first convention set after the creation of the Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers Club.

  • The base is a box of “Cereal City Raisin Bran” cereal because the convention was held in Battle Creek, MI (home of Kellogg’s Cereal) at the Kellogg Center.
  • The nodding, anthropomorphic raisins were made with fat cheeks and wrinkled cheeks to distinguish the salt from the pepper. Their eyes form the pour holes of the shakers.
  • The back of the base states “Third Annual Salt and Pepper Collectors Convention Battle Creek Michigan July 1988.”
  • The first 100 sets were numbered.

Shaker Manufacturer: Aura Pottery
Number Manufactured: 175
Convention Theme: Unknown
Convention Location: Battle Creek, MI
Hosts: Irene & Jim Thornburg
Original Price: $27

Per Hubert & Clara McHugh:

“Irene & Jim asked us (Clara & Hubert) to take on the shakers for that year.  They did the rest of the Convention.  At a meeting at our house, in the fall of ’88, Irene, Jim, Larry, Sylvia, and we tried to carve, mold and/or  create the RAISINS.  You should have seen the initial results, most of which looked like Frankenstein’s Monster.  The box was straight forward – a little taper to release it from the two piece mold, and patternmaker’s letters glued on the back.  We hand-carved the cereal bowl and glued it on.

The convention was at the “Kellogg Center” in Battle Creek, and the original idea for the RAISIN Nodders was Kellogg’s RAISIN BRAN, with each shaker named SCOOP.  The scenario was …October 1988, we would call Kellogg and discuss something, they would write back. November 1988, we would call them, they would write back.  December 1988, we would call them,  they would write back.  Finally, Christmas came and went, and we decided to go generic, with Cereal City, as we HAD to get rolling to have them finished in time.

By the way, the Club had $400.00 at that time. The shakers cost $12.00 each X 100 = $1200.00.  No one knew if the shakers would sell, as there was insufficient precedent, so we (Clara & Hubert) discussed the problem and decided to take a chance and pay for the shakers ourselves. We ordered 100 sets and put down a deposit. The shakers were offered at $24.00 before unveiling and $27.00 after the unveiling.  85 sets were committed for before the unveiling and several more were ordered that night after they were seen.  Irene and Jim saw the finished shakers at the unveiling. A few weeks later, after orders were received, the total came to 163. Larry Carey said to order him a dozen for his business.  That is how the second order was placed for 75 and the issue was closed at 175 total.

We received a letter from Kellogg, dated Jan 19, 1989, to go ahead with a prototype and submit it for approval.  Much later we found out that “POST” had the copyright for the “California Raisins” and Kellogg was concerned that our nodders would look like California Raisins.

85 X $12 each = $1020 and 90 X $15 = $1350, so the shakers made the club $2370.00 for the Treasury. The convention made a similar amount, so the treasury grew by over 10 times.

We made the model and Aura made the mold.  Both Kellogg & Post were in Battle Creek.”