Description: The first convention set is a single, stoneware shaker. Note, the club’s name at the time was Salt Shaker Collectors Club (SSCC).

  • The shaker was unusual because it was not made from a mold like most shakers, but was hand thrown on a potters wheel.
  • The sets are numbered.
  • Paperwork indicating the untitled shaker was a limited edition was included with the shaker.

Shaker Manufacturer: Hillbottom Pottery
Number Manufactured: 47
Convention Theme: None
Convention Location: Hornell, NY
Hosts: Marilyn & Chub Lockwood
Original Price: $16

From “The First Ten Years, a History of the First Ten Commemoratives,” by Steve Justin in the February, 1997 Club Newsletter:

The shaker was made in a limited edition of 47, all numbered and sold for, at the time, the unworldly price of $16.00. If you wanted a set, you had to buy two. Those who pre-ordered received a shaker with their name written on the bottom.

The commemorative was a single, hand thrown, round stoneware shaker, 3 1/3″ high. This was a bit unusual, as most shakers are made from a mold.

The shaker was accompanied by a certificate stating “LIMITED EDITION from HILLBOTTOM POTTERY Alfred Station, NY. July 31, 1986. For this convention of the S.S.C.C., Hillbottom Pottery has crafted one-of-a-kind salt and pepper shakers on special order, only. This limited edition has been completed and no more will be made by Hillbottom Pottery (Signed) Bruce Greene.”

All known pieces are in private collections.