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Poodle on Chair

This featured set consists of a cute poodle playing a banjo while sitting on a chair.  It stands approximately 3.75” high, has 3 and 2 pour holes, and is marked “Japan”.  Circa 1950s-60s.

Poodle dog on chair playing banjo salt and pepper shakers

There are two interesting things that made us pick this set to feature.  First, there is a set of two poodles playing instruments with one that looks nearly identical to the poodle on the chair.  See photo below on left and the subtle difference with the bow.

Second, there is another set we found with an identical chair, but different dog.  See photo below on right.  The jury is still out which set is correct – or could both be correct.

Poodle dogs playing banjo and cello salt and pepper shakers
Dog on chair salt and pepper shakers

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