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This Web page is provided as a courtesy for our members and guests. It is for the advertisement of salt and pepper shaker COLLECTIONS for sale - not for listing individual sets. Collections may be sold as a whole or divided into parts as determined by the seller.

Advertisers do not have to be members of the Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers Club. Please see Advertising Information regarding how to place an ad.

All sales are between the seller and their buyer(s).

The appearance of an advertisement on this Web site does not constitute an endorsement of that seller or collection. The Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers Club retains the right to screen incoming ads and to remove or not post any ad deemed inappropriate. The Novelty Salt and Peppers Shakers Club and its Web site are not liable for the content or viability of these collections, any loss or damages arising from them or the actions of persons contacting the sellers from this Web site.

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Collections for Sale

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For Sale SignNon-Member Lorraine Weeks 603-483-8453 or e-mail

Location - Manchester, NH

Collection of state S&P sets. All sets, with the exceptions of North Carolina Minnesota and Iowa, have the state imprinted on the S&P shakers. The three other state sets were purchased in their respective states. I also have a Washington, D.C. set, two different sets for the states of CA, FL, CO, NV and three sets of TX. Also have many sets from other countries.

Prefer to sell the entire collection but will consider selling several sets to one purchaser.

Click here to see photos of just a few sets from this unique S&P collection. Additional photos available.

The best way to reach Lorraine Weeks is by e-mail,


For SaleMember Robert Baensch

Location - Hastings-on-Hudson, New York

Large S&P collection for sale. Over 2,400 pairs and 210 singles. Will only sell complete collection. Dealer offers welcome.

Contact Robert Baensch for full details at e-mail


For SaleMember Nancy Martinez 940-322-2044 or e-mail

Location - Texas

Hundreds of shakers for sale. I have many in my "prime" collection and now it is time to weed them out. They are either duplicates or ones I no longer collect. There are some singles also available. Please note, many of the Disney and character sets have already been sold.

I am selling them individually, in groups, or as a total collection. I have the prices listed with the different groups. Most of the sets are in very good condition. The ones that have any damage are still displayable without noticing it and I have discounted the price of those. On the Parkcraft shakers, the bottom 2 rows are the first generation sets.

Click here to see photos of the sets for sale. Please excuse the date that is present on the pictures. I forgot to turn it off, but the shakers can still be seen with it.

Update as of 7/11/14: All shakers remaining are 40% off.  Buyer responsible for shipping costs.  Most of the Disney/characters are sold.  For a list of the shakers available, please call me at 940-322-2044 or e-mail me at


For SaleMembers Irene and Audrey Halligan 718-848-1379 or e-mail

Location - Howard Beach, NY (in Queens, one of NYC's five boroughs)

This salt and pepper shaker collection consists of approximately 2,050 sets. There is a wide variety. They are in excellent condition, many still in their boxes.

Selling the collection as a whole. Buyer is responsible for shipping fees.

Click here to see an inventory list of the shakers in this fabulous collection. Click here to see photos of a small portion of this collection.

We also have for sale seven barrister cases in excellent condition. Photos of the cases are included at the end of the shaker photos.

For more details, serious buyers can contact seller by e-mail at or by phone at 718-848-1379.


For SaleMember Barbara Felter 607-563-1121 or e-mail

Location - New York

Hundreds of shakers for sale. I have thousands in my "prime" collection and it's time to part with some of them. The sets for sale are either duplicates or ones I've been "weeding" out. Singles are also available.

Selling individually, in groups, or the entire "bunch". E-mail for prices and shipping information.

Click here to see photos of the wonderful sets for sale.

Interested parties please call Barbara Felter at 607-563-1121 or e-mail her